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RIP Tasuki

He lived for almost one year, which is pretty normal. He was a very happy fishie, and I loved him very much.
I'll miss your dancing in the bowl wheneven I walk into the room!
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Thank you Luke for showing me where you work (he's one of the chefs there) and teaching me what good quality steak is SUPPOSED to taste like.
Absofukinlutely perfect beyond my belief! I thought steak was steak and my jaw was supposed to get tired half way through eating it.
Nope...not this stuff. I had the filet cut cooked rare (I like my cow still moo-ing plz...kthxbai) with a caesar salad, sourdough bread, loaded baked potato, steamed veggies, and for dessert a crepe with vanilla ice cream in it with kiwi, mango, blueberries, and strawberries all over it, with a strawberry sauce poured on top of it.
*dies in a puddle of absolute goodness*

So if you have a StoneWood Grill in your area, you need to go NOW!

BTW - thank you toxicindustry for introducing me to this addicting game!

p.s. ROFL! I want this shirt. Only click if you finished Half Blood Prince. (if you don't see the HP one, click here)
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Both thebeck and I have been packing the whole week. Well...she's been doing it more (she leave for Japan around the same time I leave for Oklahoma). I kinda just started today. It's crazy! I'm so procrastinating all over the place. It makes me eat a lot which isn't good. Already had 2 pieces of cake that my mom and I made last night.
Tis good cake.
It's my dad's 17th anniversary for working at Disney so we made a cake and I drew in frosting a Mickey head burning in flames with him saying "IT BURNS!" and "HAPPY 17 YEARS" above that (yeah...not too happy with the company right's been worse but yeah). I cracked myself up so hard that I nearly dropped the cake! GAWD I wish the camera had batteries in it so I could have taken a pic of it.

Today seems to be National Spill Stuff day. Everything that I try to eat/drink has ended up on my FAVORITE shirt!
Oh well. That's why I wear a lot of black shirts. You can't even notice...which is good because one of my friends is taking me out to a really kewl steak house tonight! STEAK! YUM!!!!!! most of the major "organizing" done. Now it's just a bunch of little things.
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Buying furniture

While I was in NH, we looked at a store called Bernie and Phyls for furniture. It's close and it's the "middle grade" of the 3 stores that are near by (Jordan's is like the super snooty expensive place). Plus their building looked really kewl! It is very contemporary in style and as soon as we walked in, we were greeted with a warm welcome by one of the reps.
Now I'm trying to be a smart shopper and do my research on the company. I'm finding legit websites with message boards and comment boxes from customers and a LOT of them are complaints. Some are just complaints from stupid people who don't care to read the fine print (being in retail, I know each place has policies and there is only so much one can do). But it seems that most of the other stories have some truth to them. I know there are 2 sides to every story, and actual reps from the company leave their remarks too stating "we will do everything for a customer since we have freedom to do so without losing our job like some other companies who must stick to the books. But when you call us screaming and cursing at us over something that you did just to get a free ride, then there is only so much we will do for you." It's pretty much like how I thought while being in retail. If you come in knowing the rules, and you want to exchange something properly and are nice about it, I'll bend the rules for you. And I've done it before.
So basically, I'm kinda weary about this company after reading it. I don't really want to pay more at the snooty place for pretty much the same furniture. Plus, according to one of the reps who used to work at B&P's and now works at the snooty place states that she will get the wrath of the higher ups if she bends the rules. So she's stuck being a robot, unable to do things that just require common sense and are so easy to fix, because of fear of possibly losing her job.

Anyone who has purchased furniture have any suggestions? Should I pay extra and go for extended warranties? I've never bought real furniture before...just uber cheap stuff that wouldn't break my bank if I had to throw it away a year later.

Thanks in advance!

BTW - did I mention that a cute little chipmunk ran across us while looking at houses in NH? It was sooooo cute!
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The pics!

Here are the pics from New Hampshire and Maine. Descriptions under each pic. 20 pics in all!

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An amazing turn of events

First off, yay for people who are so self centered and stupid, that they have to hide their identity to leave insulting comments in other people's LJ's. Very mature! HAHA!
But YAY! I'm back! OMG let me tell you about the totally awesome weekend I had!

Wake up at 4:00am to be at the airport by 5:00 to catch our flight at 7:00 (it's first come first serve seating and my parents want the emergency exit seat so they can have more leg room.
A smooth take off, flight, and landing, brings us to Manchester, New Hampshire. The fire alarm was going off in the airport so they couldn't let anyone off the plane for a few minutes. So we finally get off the plane, and there are parts of the airport blocked off because of the fire alarm. Just a minute of waiting and we're on our way to get a rental car. At least we thought so.
Ok people, for those who believe in "everything happens for a reason", get ready for this:
So we're in line at Hertz and get up to find out that there are no cars available. place (there's like a line of 5 different car rental places at the front of the airport), nothing. Everyone had nothing. So we get in line back at Hertz to see what we can do. My mother asks the lady nicely what she is doing to get a car because she didn't have a reservation either. Call the 1-800 number, make a reservation that way, get your reservation number, and take it up to the desk. Okay?...but it works! Someone was switching shifts so we ended up with Dotty who was so sweet! We explain that we are there looking for apartments and I happened to have my paperwork out and ready (papers with directions and info on all the apartments I planned to look at). She asks to look at them and gasps at half of them. Aparently they're in bad areas and she said "THROW THESE OUT!" So we're like "okay" and she proceedes to write down the name of this place in south Nashua and gave us directions. She said to my mother, "I have daughters, and when they move out, I would want them to stay here." So we get a car (BTW, they had a BUNCH of cars for us to choose from...don't know why they were sold out), and we're on our way to those apartments! YAY! We get a little lost but we find the place and THEY ARE AMAZING! OMG! Just within my price range, gated, super friendly staff, and real Christmas trees (like live ones growing wild...huge ones) everywhere!

Mind you, we set aside all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to look for apartments. I get my apartment within 2 hours of being in New Hampshire. OMFG!

So that's it! We're done! Such a stream of emotions running through me at that point. It's such a perfect place. I'm right next to EVERYTHING (even the main road that takes me to work) and yet, this complex is settled back on a hilly road so it's still nice and quiet. Plus, I got the 2 bedroom so you can visit! YAY!

We eat lunch at Chili's and my parents and I are thinking of a place to stay. We didn't make reservations anywhere because we didn't know where we would end up. My parents vacation up there all the time so they call their favorite Bed and Breakfast and they have one room available for one night. So we drive 30 minutes north and stay there! We eat dinner in this little town and look at the little shops. It was so nice and cool out and everyone was so nice!

Holy shiznit people...if you haven't stayed at a nice bed and breakfast before, you need to do so. All I can say is, cream cheese stuffed french toast for breakfast! I sat on the porch swing drinking a hot cup of spiced apple and cranberry tea enjoying all the flowers, the cool morning, and A HUMMINGBIRD! CUUUUUTE! We're talking to the other people staying there at breakfast and my parents decide to go to Kenneybunk Port, Maine since that's one of their favorite places. Only an hour and 1/2 drive! One of the people suggested a scenic route to get there. It's an extra hour out of the way, but it's through the White Mountains. SO WORTH IT! It was some of the most beautiful sites I have ever seen! We even stopped at a rocky river and climbed out onto the rocks and took a bunch of pictures! So peaceful! I can listen to that water running all day! I even drank the water! It was sweet and so clean!

So we get to Maine and walk around the little shops, my mom and dad bought a bunch of stuff, and I get a bowl of clam chowder (because you're right on the have to). We stop for dinner at a local diner that was mentioned on Food Network a bunch of times for being one of the best in Maine (plus it's my parent's favorite place) and I get a lobster roll. A big piece of buttered bread STUFFED with the meat of pretty much AN ENTIRE LOBSTER and it comes with butter that you dip the whole thing in. May I please live off of this alone for the rest of my life?! I wasn't even feeling that hungry and I inhaled the entire thing! My mother got one too and my dad got their clam chowder and chicken strips.
So we head back on the main highway to save on time and we end up at a Sharaton back in Nashua that looks like a castle in the front (we actually made reservations this more not making reservations...we had used up our luck for the weekend). It's 7:30pm and we all fall right asleep. The neighbors were having a party and were noisy, but only for 30 minutes.

We woke up to check out and outside our door was confetti all over the place from the party next door. It was still a nice, comfortable sleep, so we didn't really mind much. We ate breakfast at the local Panera Bread. They have a fire place in there with big comfy chairs around it! The fire was even going when we were there! I had a bagel with veggie cream cheese and a large cup of hot tea.
We were dedicating the rest of today to exploring the city I was going to be living in. The mall that is there is half in New Hampshire and half in Massachusettes! I'm only 1/2 mile away from the border! HAHA! We drove around and look at the houses (so pretty! There's even a huge new development going up that should be ready by the time I'm going to be looking for houses) and went to the mall (all tax free on everything all year round!) and looked at a nice furniture store! We ate dinner at Smokey Bones (if you want the best bar-b-q and you have one of these in your area, GO!) then say at Barnes and Noble, then went back to the airport. We didn't get first in line for the nice seats on the way back, but we got pretty good ones. The plane was delayed to take off from 8:20 to 8:55pm. We had a smooth flight (slight turbulance...nothing really) and touched down back in Florida at exactly midnight.
I come home and wave at my fish bowl with Tasuki in it as usual, and he doesn't respond. He died while I was gone :(
But other than that, it was a very productive weekend! Everything that happened lead up to something wonderful!
Pics coming up!
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That's all folks

No more EB Games. That was the last day. I had to jet outta there at 5:30 instead of 6:00. The day was going slow enough for me as it was and I was dying! Damn I'm so impatient!
I STILL have to do laundry, pack, shower...all that good stuff before we leave at 5:00am to catch our flight to NH tomorrow. DAMN! That's early!
Had a nice dinner at Olive Garden with cronomst. That WAS nice until I had to bring up the whole "where are we at" speech and ruin the night. I feel like the biggest, selfish bitch right now.
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To those who haven't already seen the Wizard of Ozaka, you need to do so.
It won awards!
If you like anime and RPGs, this is the perfect mix!
Azumanga Daioh, Bleac,h Cardcaptor Sakura, Full Metal Alchemist, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and One Piece.
I still applaud at the end whenever I watch it!